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Vuln!! Path it now!! Vuln!! Path it now!!  

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Agustin Capriati, a PSPK student in the major of PSP study program as well as the Mawapres UB 2014 is chosen to represent UB to compete and be the best in the National Mawapres 2014.  The theme in this competition is “Rising up local lesson learnt to provide global impact on saving coral reef ecosystem” […]

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National Seminar with the theme The Role of Youngster in the Implementation of Blue Economy Concept  in the field of Fisheries and Marine will be held on November 28, 2013 at 07:00-end Take place in WidyaLoka Building 2nd  floor, Universitas Brawijaya IDR 25 for UB Students IDR 30 for General Facilities : Snack, goody bag, […]

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Ocean is an important part of world’s live creatures. An ocean could become a place and food sources also a home for so many creatures. Besides that, an ocean also has a role as the temperature counterweight in world’s surface. If there’s no ocean, the sun’s heat will absorbed directly by earth and affected the […]

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We would like to introduce our program which called Alltech Young Scientist Award. Alltech Young Scientist Award was established in purpose to promote a research and to explore the talents of students from universities around the world. Students are encouraged to participate along with Alltech in finding natural solutions in the field of animal production, […]

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