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Agustin Capriati, a PSPK student in the major of PSP study program as well as the Mawapres UB 2014 is chosen to represent UB to compete and be the best in the National Mawapres 2014.  The theme in this competition is “Rising up local lesson learnt to provide global impact on saving coral reef ecosystem” . Here, Agustin open our insights regarding the important role in addressing climate change. On the other hand, the vulnerability of coral reefs and the lack of attention makes the existence of coral reefs becoming increasingly threatened. Let’s save the reef! Your supports can be given with clicking “like” on a video in youtube and give some positive comments.

The link of Youtube’s video can be accessed below

Mawapres UB 2014 Agustin Capriati

Good luck Agustin, be the champion!

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