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We would like to introduce our program which called Alltech Young Scientist Award.

Alltech Young Scientist Award was established in purpose to promote a research and to explore the talents of students from universities around the world. Students are encouraged to participate along with Alltech in finding natural solutions in the field of animal production, and also to gain valuable experience in collaboration with a world leading company in the field of animal husbandry industry.

This following information is just a few points from our program.

This information can also be accessed online at

This program registration has been initiated and opened for undergraduate and postgraduate students.

Students who already registered must write a scientific paper based on a topic in the field of agriculture / livestock. Student’s thesis can also be used for this program with no or some changes.

Undergraduate students are required to write about 3000 to 3500 words and postgraduate students have to write as much as 3,000 to 5,000 words.

There are three phases on this program. The winners of phase 1 will be evaluated in phase 2 and will continue to the global level.

The deadline for the submission of scientific papers is on December 31st, 2013.

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