Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Sciences Universitas Brawijaya located in Malang. For the purposes of learning and activities it is needed necessary the existence of a station/laboratory which of easily accessible from Malang. Therefore in 2010 FPIK-UB buy a land area of ± 2500 m2 and buildings on it in the Tambak Rejo Village Sumbermanjing Wetan District of Malang. Location of laboratory located in Jl.Pelabuhan within ± 700 m from the Pelabuhan Perikanan Pantai (PPP) Pondokdadap. After the renovation of the building so it is quite feasible to use as a Laboratory. The initial name that used is Marine Statiun Sendangbiru.

The laboratory began to function for activity of residence for researchers, students and lecturers in 2011, and the first head of the Laboratory is Dr. Tri Djoko Lelono, Msi which is also when it doubles as Kalab. Probolinggo and Kalab. Sumberpasir based on Rector’s Decree No. 030 / SK / 2011. Therefore Kalab concerned being further study, it was replaced by Dr. Ir. Daduk Setyohadi, MP as the head of Sendangbiru Laboratory, the term of office of the Kalab until 2014 by the Rector’s Decree No.077 / SK / 2013.

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