Vision and Mission

Vision :

To be a research laboratory that excels on research field and become a reference in the field of fisheries and marine resources exploration based remote sensing technology and geographic information systems.

Mission :

  1. Provide excellent laboratory services for students, faculty, and researchers both from within and outside the country, society and industry.

  2. Optimize the research and development in the field of fisheries and marine resources exploration.

  3. Create a qualified fisheries and marine resource mapping community

  4. Dissemination of research results to the relevant parties in the field of fisheries and marine resources exploration


“ Hi-tech and The Human Touch”

Remote sensing technology, both optical and non-optical system is a combination of highly advanced technologies (Hi-tech). Start from a technology which is used to get the data and maps in order to explore marine and coastal resources using satellite and Echo-sounder, then a database system and satellite image processing, and ended with the analysis and interpretation of the image. All of the processes above which involve technological sophistication will be useless if the human resources are less competent. Therefore, the human resources capability in processing and interpreting the data and image is one of the factors that play a role in determining the success of the results (human touch). Experts which are owned by Inderaja and SIG Laboratory has the expertise and experience that produce a high quality analysis and conclusions.

The combination of high-level technology with Inderaja and SIG Laboratory experts inspire Inderaja and SIG Laboratory motto, namely: “Hi-tech and The Human Touch”

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