Program Studi

In outline, study programs in PSPK devided to:

1. Study Program : Fisheries Resources Utilization

2. Study Program: Marine Sciences.

In line with needs increasing to produce professional alumnus in appliying exploration principal, exploitation, and fisheries marine resources management, so since 2 October 2006 formed Department of Marine and Fisheries Resources Utilization (PSPK). PSPK Forming was based on Minister of Indonesia National Education Number 226/D/O/2006. PSPK has 2 study programs which are Fisheries Resources Utilization and Marince Sciences. This Marine Sciences study program is a new study program in faculty area which was built according to Rector’s Decree Number 42/SK/2008 dated 29 February 2008 and the permission of Study Program and Study Program Coordination from DEPDIKNAS DIRJEN DIKTI number 2953/D/T/2008 dated 4 September 2008.

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