Pemanfaatan Sumberdaya Perikanan (PSP) or Fisheries Resources Utilitation is a study program under PSPK which has 3 cempetition which are (exploration, exploitation, management)

Vision :

In 2020, PS-PSP become a prime study program, produce human resources who can optimalized catching fisheries resources productivity with a engineering fish catching technology system with a environment, sustainable, and competitive conceptions through national limit.

Mission :                                                                                  

  1. To held learning process which includes: education, research and perpetuation to society to get alumnus who mastered sustainable fish cathing technology, with discipline, independent, and forward conceptions but care about social and be entrepeneurship;
  2. To held independent or group research to develop sustainable fisheriesresources utilization technology system (environmentally friendly, economically feasiable and socially accepted);
  3. To do fisheries resources utilization knowledge and technology development and distribution and seek for its use for society prosperity, especially fisherman.

The goal of PSP Study Program is to create alumnus who  :

  1. Pancasila spirited, have integrity and strong personality;
  2. Mastered scietific basics, knowledge, technology, skill, and all of business systems in fisheries sector, and be able to solve problems especially in fish cathcing sector;
  3. Be able to applied and integrated scientific knowledge, fisheries technology and skill that owned with other skill in productive or inovatice business;
  4. Adaptive and open minded to knowledge and technology developmentor problems that faced by fisherman, especially which connected with their sector;
  5. To held prime, and have real advantages research and community service for society welfare.
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