Student of  Fisheries and Marine Resources Utilization (PSPK), Fisheries and Marine Sciences Faculty Universitas Brawijaya has a good achievement in regional, national and international scale.

These are some achievements of PSPK students :

1. 1st (gold medal) 25th PIMNAS ¬†in UMY with the theme “Marine Ecotourism In South Malang Through 5P Approach”

2. 1st Place in LKTI PIMPI 2013 with the theme “A Coral Nanny, As A Donation In Redeeming Business Mistakes Of The Past”

3. 1st Place in Young Researchers Competition at the British Council Project

4. 1st and 3rd place in the National LKTI at Universitas Hasanuddin in 2012

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