The Purpose of Fisheries Resources Utilization Undergraduate Degree (PSP) is to produce graduates who :

  1. Pancasila oriented, has good integrity and personality.
  2. Mastering the basics of science, knowledge, technology, skills, and business systems in the field of fisheries so that it could resolve problems, especially in the field of fisheries;
  3. Capable of applying and integrating scientific knowledge, technology and fishery skills owned by other areas of expertise in the productive and innovative businesses;
  4. Open minded and adaptive to the development of science and technology as well as the problems faced by fisher communities, especially those who are related to their expertise;
  5. Conducting excellent research and community service and also real beneficial to the society welfare


The purpose of Marine Science Undergraduate Degree (IK) is :

Produce an undergraduate student who is professional, has good attitudes and an entrepreneurship spirit with this following qualification :

  1. Pancasila oriented, has good integrity and personality.
  2. Open minded and has a good concept or reaction at the Science, Technology and Art (IPTEKS) development in the fisheries and marine field.
  3. Mastering the concept (basic) of science in the marine field which is environmentally friendly and also have an entrepreneurship spirit so that it could formulate and solve the problem in the field of marine.
  4. Apply marine technology skill and knowledge based on their competence  on some productive and innovative activities also a community service.
  5. Able to integrate their studies either inside or outside the marine field.
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