Rector Cup of New Students Creativity 2014

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Trophy of Rector Cup of Freshmen Creativity will be held this year Each Faculty will send  their delegation a number of 14 groups who will fight based on their creativity field. Fisheries and Marine Faculty (FPIK) do hard preparing, training or   accompaniment for frehmen to prepare that activity with a target can snatch the title as Champion of 2014. Last year Agriculture Faculty succeed become the Main Champion, FPIK has onlu reached Single Gold in PKM-M field and Single Silver in PKM-K field. This statement is whip passion to compete fairly in the field of reasoning.

The steps to be delegation of Faculty be passed by selection with each students in faculty. This activity was joined by 42 groups (slip administration) were then selected into 30 groups and 14 groups latter as a delegate of the Faculty. That 14 groups will be divided into each PKM field PKMK, PKMM, PKMT, PKMP, PKMKC (2 groups) and PKM-GT (4 groups).  Delegates of the FPIK will be announced on February 12, 2014 after going through the assessment and presentation of the judges FPIK (Ir. Sukandar,MP : Ir.Dewa Gede Raka Wiadnya, MSc. ; Zainal Abidin. S.Pi, MBA, Dr.Ir. Maftuch,MS ; Dr. Ir. Firdaus, dan Dr. Uun Yanuhar, SPi, MSi)

Rector Cup Freshmen Creativity in this year on selection process,   mentoring and training more rigorous. Selection process was passed by collecting PKM file to committe and then signed to join the next step infrint of The judges of FPIK. Warticipants who qualify become 14 groups delegation will be more increased in PKM training and presenting wayand signed based on format which will be contested in University soon (1-2 March 2014).  Mentoring and training was done in Laboratory of Catching started on 30 January 2014 till 28 Februqry 2014 which inlvolving the students, supervisopr lecturer and Vice Dean III FPIK.

Committee mentoring activities Rector Cup PKM MABA fronted by Ethics as Chairman of the activities of the Institute of Fishery Scientific Research (FSR) and Donny Ariyoga as champion PKM-M 2013, and some mentoring of students will always provide support, mentoring, training, and continue to monitor until the activity ends. This year should be the overall winner FPIK can see the preparation, assistance and training is fully supported by all parties.

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