What would be happen if this never exist again ??

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Ocean is an important part of world’s live creatures. An ocean could become a place and food sources also a home for so many creatures. Besides that, an ocean also has a role as the temperature counterweight in world’s surface. If there’s no ocean, the sun’s heat will absorbed directly by earth and affected the quality of our ground. Moreover, ocean has a function as an important water sources in earth. Ocean becomes the first place of water circulation cycle

From ocean, water could evaporate and form as cloud which will cause rain on the ground where we can use the water for our daily needs. But, an ocean also very important for creatures’s life, one of them is coral. Maybe we think that coral is worthless. But it is a big mistake, coral has a lot of functions.

Erosion Preventive.

Coral which grow around the beach and sea is to prevent erosion which caused by waves. If there is no coral, it’s possible if we can’t find any land for living near the sea. Besides, excessive rock and land erosion will affect substances which contained in sea water, and will directly affected the sea creatures’s life. And the most important thing that we need to know is erosion will also endanger human life.

Coral which grow around the beach have a function like a wall. So that the waves which come and go will split and the energy that brought to the land will be very small and not affect much for land erosion by the waves.

Global Warming Preventive.

How come coral become one of factors to prevent global warming? Besides as a living creature, coral also has a role as the place of so many sea plant, one of them is seaweed. In fact, seaweed has an important role in global warming.

If it’s compared with trees in a forest, seaweed has a better ability on saving the carbondioxide. Carbondioxide it self is a gas which caused greenhouse effect.

Greenhouse effect caused global temperature increase or it could be called  as global warming. Seaweed can save carbondioxide  8 times better more than trees in a forest. Seaweed will keep carbondioxide in its rod.

So, we can imagine if coral where seaweed live is gone. There will be so much carbondioxide in the air and will cause global warming even worse.

Moreover, coral becomes oxygen producer which is needed by sea creatures and the place for plankton live. So, it is our responsibility to conserve our coral.

Not only for our descendant, but it is very necessary to do so that our earth will not suffer anymore because of the global warming. If everyone want to do this, kindness and advantages will come back to us.

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